IFA Residential Course

FREE access to the IFA Essentials Online Course plus 4 Days of intense training.

  • Who Can Apply?

    This course is open to anyone, no previous experience or qualifications are required. The course is taught in English only. We have a strictly limited number of places each year.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a full 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. This allows you to change your mind without losing any money. If for some reason you cannot attend your pre booked course you can transfer to another at no extra cost.

  • 3 Month Trial

    Once you complete your course, your mentor will guide you onto your 3-month trial. They will assist you during this period to ensure maximum success. You will need to work hard during this trial.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Pre Course Preparation
    • Read Me First
    • Before we begin...
    • Introduction
    • The Stock Market Simply Explained: Finance and Investment Basics (From 1957)
    • Stock Market_ _What Makes Us Tick_ 1952 New York Stock Exchange 12min [360p]
    • The Role of the IFA
    • The Market Place
    • The IFA Business Cycle
    • Investor Protection
    • Career Progression
    • Personal Development: Being Prepared
  • 2
    Day #1 Morning Session
    • Introduction
    • Prospecting- Its a Numbers Game
    • Finding Leads
    • How to approach leads
    • Getting to Know your Client
    • The Preamble
    • The Fact Find
    • Establishing your prospects Goals
    • Setting the agenda
  • 3
    Day #1 Afternoon Session
    • Fact Find Practise (Roleplaying)
  • 4
    Day #2
    • Investment Planning
    • Asset Allocation
    • Investing in Stocks for Beginners
    • What is a Mutual Fund
    • The Three Buckets
    • Understanding Risk
    • Dollar Cost Averaging
    • Long Term Savings
    • Lump Sum Investing
    • Coursework 1
  • 5
    Day #3 Morning Session
    • Ways of Investing
    • Reasons for Investing
    • Pensions
    • Education Fee Planning
    • Protection Products
    • Pension Products
    • Savings products
  • 6
    Day #3 Afternoon Session
    • Portfolio Products
    • Financial Structures (Basic)
    • Tax Planning
    • Role Playing
  • 7
    Day #4 Morning Session
    • Putting it altogether
    • Making the sale
    • Asking for referrals
    • Servicing Your Client
    • Role Playing Session
  • 8
    Day #4 Afternoon Session
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...

Course Fee

We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. If for some reason you cannot attend your pre-booked course you can transfer to another date at no extra cost.

We offer the same via an online only course for £1,499

Learn from home at your own pace. Guaranteed position upon completion, and you can Spread the cost.

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